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Beuki was founded and created in 2018 by Irene Koukouzellis in Johannesburg, South Africa.
At the age of thirteen, Irene discovered that she had a passion and love for makeup.
Throughout her teen years, her family and friends became canvases to enable her to create designs and fine-tune her own personal techniques.

With a degree in both Graphics Design and Photography, Irene has incorporated her skills from her studies into her business. Beuki has been a creative and exciting challenge, testing all of Irene’s artistic potential.


In order for Irene to pursue her passions, she self-taught herself makeup artistry through YouTube. Irene created her own YouTube channel to exhibit different makeup looks and styles. All videos were filmed and edited by Irene herself. You can view Irene’s YouTube channel Beauty 101 with Irene Koukouzellis.

Introducing a lightweight and natural perfect finish to any makeup look. Beuki has released lashes to the South African cosmetic industry. Cotton black or clear band lash options provide a non-synthetic look. These lashes are cruelty-free certified mink fur to resemble natural hair.


Irene is wanting to make her mark in the South African cosmetic industry by introducing a unique and fun brand.


Finally, welcome to the BEUKI by Irene Koukouzellis tribe! Have fun and enjoy!