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How to apply BEUKI lashes:


  1. Remove your BEUKI lashes from their packaging by gently peeling them from the outer edge towards the inner edge.

  2. Measure the lash up against your lash line to determine whether you need to trim your BEUKI lash or not.

  3. Prep your lashes by using a lash curler to curl your natural lashes first. Then apply a thin coat of mascara to lightly coat your lashes (especially if your lashes are light in colour).

  4. Hold lash with tweezer and apply a thin layer of glue to the band of the lash. Wait 30 - 45 seconds  for the glue to get tacky before application (This part is important).

  5. Now place the center part of your lash to the center of your lid first. Now grip the inner and outer edge of the lash and place it to the inner and outer edge of your eye. Use your fingers to squeeze your natural lash and your BEUKI lash together.

How to remove BEUKI lashes:


  1. Gently remove your BEUKI lash by gripping the lash band on the inner corner of the eye. Once the lash is lifted then gently pull off the rest of the lash.

  2. Store your BEUKI lashes in the box it came in to keep them from getting damaged.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: When removing your lashes make sure you grip the base of the lash on the band and not the actual hair. You don’t want to damage the lash by pulling the hair off the band.

Taking care of your BEUKI lashes:


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Your BEUKI lashes are DELICATE so be gentle when removing your lashes.


  • Once you have taken off your BEUKI lashes gently remove the remaining glue from the lash band.

  • Do not wet your BEUKI lashes. It will change the shape of the lash and weaken the lash band.

  • Avoid applying mascara to the lashes. It will affect their style and longevity. Apply mascara to your natural lash first then apply lashes.

  • BEUKI lashes are reusable up to 25 times if cared for properly.